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Carpet 911 – Nampa & Boise Carpet Cleaning & Repair provides carpet, rug, upholstery, and tile & grout cleaning services to not only residential customers but to many commercial properties as well. We clean for a variety of businesses including restaurants, dental offices, daycares, property management companies, medical offices, funeral homes, and more. We also provide services for non-profit organizations such as schools and churches. These organizations trust us to handle their carpet, upholstery, and tile and grout maintenance even if they have a janitorial service that handles their other cleaning needs. Our customers value our attentive, professional service and our courteous, highly-trained technicians. We have built a strong reputation for quality, service, and value. Enhance the image and life of your carpets today with Carpet 911’s Commercial Carpet Cleaning services.

When you need commercial carpet cleaning in Boise or surrounding areas, you can trust us to get the job done. Due to constant traffic of employees, customers, and other guests, the carpeting of your commercial building takes quite a beating. Salt, dirt, spills, and stains, are ground into the carpet fibers, which causes a worn, soiled appearance in your carpet. Routine vacuuming can get rid of the top-level debris, but a professional carpet cleaning company can give you a more thorough, long-lasting clean that will prolong the life of your carpets. At Carpet 911 – Nampa & Boise Carpet Cleaning & Repair our professional commercial carpet cleaning in Boise and surrounding areas will leave your carpets looking like new. Don’t replace your carpet just because it looks worn! We have the carpet cleaning expertise and technology to remove dirt, spills, and stains from your carpets, as well as daily traffic soiling. It is recommended for most businesses that every 6 months you invest in professional carpet cleaning services to prolong the life of the carpet in your offices. Some businesses, such as restaurants that deal with more foot traffic and handling of food require monthly or bi-monthly cleanings. Provide a clean and inviting atmosphere for your clients and have your carpets cleaned by the most thorough and professional carpet cleaning company in Boise and the entire Treasure Valley – Carpet 911 – Nampa & Boise Carpet Cleaning & Repair.

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Carpet 911 – Nampa & Boise Carpet Cleaning & Repair provides carpet, rug, upholstery, and tile & grout cleaning services to not only residential customers, but to many commercial properties as well. 







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