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Mike S. – Boisebasset hound dog working on a computer

We’ve had our carpets cleaned every other year since we built our house 12 years ago. There were a number of stains that “just couldn’t be removed.” Then we had Adam come in with Carpet 911 and his expertise in chemicals and stain removal really shined! Our carpets literally look brand new now. I was BLOWN AWAY! I had no idea they could look that good again. We were planning to replace our carpet next year but Adam said we could get another 3-5 years out of our carpets. WOOHOO! Two thumbs WAY UP!



Melissa K. – Caldwell

We purchased a home in Caldwell. The house had very nice high end carpet but it smelled of urine something terrible. Everyone said it needed to be replaced. I called Carpet 911. They came out with a special light that made all the urine spots in the carpet light up. The carpet had 100s of doggy pee spots in every room!!! To replace the carpet with the same stuff would have been thousands. Long story short we moved into a nice smelling house a week later. Carpet911 took care of everything and cleaned it perfectly. Thanks! You are great!!!


Stacy M. -Nampa

I have two very mischievous little girls who get into everything they can! I had make-up stains, toothpaste globs, previous owner stains, dirt spot where my baby pulled dirt out of my potted plant and ground it into the carpet, Spit up stains you name it, I had it! I have moved 6 times in 6 years and have purchased carpet cleaners to get my rental deposits back. NONE! have gotten even close to how clean my carpets are! I would recommend them every time! They are awesome!

Shantel B.

unnamedCarpet 911 did an AMAZING job on my carpet! I get my carpet cleaned every year and just used Adam for the first time. He got out stains I thought would never come out (and haven’t with other’s I’ve used). He charged honest rates and was great at communicating what would work best for me. I will never use anyone else again. Carpet 911 is who I’m going to call from now on! Fantastic work, quick and efficient, and excellent customer service!


Mr. McMurrey – Eagle

I hated getting my carpets cleaned. They were so wet after the cleaning and the chem. clean dried fast but never did anything. I tried Adam and was amazed at the time and detail he put into cleaning my carpets. Not only did carpets look better than they did when we bought the house but they were almost dry when he left. I wouldn’t use any other company.


Mrs. Campbell – Star

I am picky about my house and its furniture. I only use Carpet 911 to clean my carpets and upholstery. Adam does what he says and says what he does. I tell all my friends about Carpet 911.

Mrs. Godsil – Meridian

“My daughter moved out of a rental that she and her roommates had really messed the carpets up in. It was going to cost me $3000 dollars to replace the carpets because I had 2 cleaners say it was impossible to clean. My buddy at work said to call Carpet 911. $200 later the carpets looked fantastic and my daughter got her deposit back. I use Carpet 911 for my home and office. I would not use anyone else.”


Portrait of woman using laptop on sofa while cat passing by at homeDavid N.

My wife is very particular about who cleans our carpets. This past summer Adam cleaned our tile in addition to our carpets and WOW! We were amazed. Needless to say we now have Adam clean a room or two of our tile every time he comes now. When our carpets are cleaned, they are completely dry when he is done, no musty wet smell or damp carpets to come home to.

We have always been impressed and appreciated Adam’s desire to ensure that we are satisfied with the job that he has done. We have not found anyone or company that has the integrity and quality that Carpet 911 does. I have never written or given a referral to my friends or co-workers in the fear that the company will do a bad job and reflect on my judgment, but I have referred Carpet 911 to my friends and they have all commented on the quality and on Adam’s professionalism and desire to ensure that the customer is satisfied. I am 100% confident that Carpet 911 will meet or exceed your expectations. We can’t imagine using anyone else.






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