Upholstery Cleaning in Boise & The Entire Treasure Valley

Dirt and dust can build up on your upholstery, making your furniture look older and more worn than it is. Help bring back your furniture’s original beauty and extend its life with upholstery cleaning from Carpet 911 – Nampa & Boise Carpet Cleaning & Repair. Our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and safe for use around kids and pets because we don’t rely on harsh chemicals to clean.

Most people never have their upholstery cleaned. Dust, sand, grime, and other pollutants gather over time.They can irritate allergies, lead to fabric deterioration and the need to replace these expensive items sooner than necessary. So have them professionally cleaned and protect your investment from early wear and tear.

We specialize in cleaning all fabric covered upholstery. We only use the best upholstery cleaning equipment. Our technicians will advise you as to the best method to clean your upholstery once they have inspected it. We give your upholstery a thorough cleaning to give you the best possible results.

We will restore your upholstery, refreshing the look and feel of your furniture. Forget about costly re-upholstery and expensive slipcovers. When you give your furniture a professional upholstery cleaning; you’re not only improving the look and appearance of your upholstered furnishings but extending their lifespan for years of enjoyment.

Why Choose Carpet 911 – Nampa & Boise Carpet Cleaning & Repair?

Upholstery Cleaning Boise

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience when you choose Carpet 911 – Nampa & Boise Carpet Cleaning & Repair for your upholstery cleaning needs:

  • In-House Team of Experts: At Carpet 911 – Nampa & Boise Carpet Cleaning & Repair, we never outsource our labor – our team of on-site specialists ensures our high standards are consistently met, and since we perform all of the work ourselves, we cut out the middle-man and pass on the savings to you.
  • High-Quality Services: Our goal is simple: we are committed to providing the finest services – in fact, we’re so confident you’ll be pleased that we stand behind all of our work with our 100% Service Guarantee.
  • Friendly & Professional: Our courteous, attentive team of experts is available to answer your upholstery cleaning questions and concerns.

Contact us (208) 890-7467 for a FREE quote on your upholstery cleaning in Boise and surrounding areas.

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